a crack in the motherboard

from April 2016


          windows. my computer screen refuses

          to start up. on the way to the laptop repair shop

          i alt plus f4 to an alternate reality.

the past melted with a dysfunctional hard-drive.

no backups, no chance for recovery,

no salvation to drip down from the cloud.


music burnt from cd-roms, scratching time, repeating

the 90s. photographs of that dorm-room, mind deflated

with deleted friends, of exes not fully uninstalled,

of birthday candles with forsaken family.

work i had once been proud of.


          new window. a future

          without the gigabytes of this past:

          surfing the wave of streaming music, synching together

          all the conscious devices. new pictures of friends

          i haven’t yet met, in places i’m yet to visit.

          new files to save my self-esteem.


          imagine my relief when the laptop repair guy

          smiles and says: “its only a crack in the motherboard.

          we'll have the screen working again

          in no time.”