whispers from the eleventh dimension

from July 2017


listen, he’s blessed with this superpower:

ears that hear whispers from all eleven

dimensions. he is able to eavesdrop

on conversations all across the spheres

of space, time, and dark matter. so he runs

circles from the kitchen to his bedroom

in search, opening cupboards and drawers, crying;

helpless without translation, all alone.


when all versions of superstring theory

are unified, we get the m-theory.

beyond our three known dimensions of space

and the arrow of time, there are extra

dimensions: curled up, invisible

universes beyond most of our

feeble human senses, transmitting 

the quietest whispers of lonely ghosts.


i am deaf to his ghosts, my receptors

are disabled. he grabs both of my hands

to cover his ears. he presses them hard

into himself, screams over their voices.

but the universe won't stop for him.

his gifts will not grant him the power

to talk back.